Eyelasticity™ Age-Defying Eye Therapy 5 Month Pack

Eyelasticity™ Age-Defying Eye Therapy 5 Month Pack


The Leading Skinception Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy will effectively take care of your eyes
with advanced skin care technology based formulas. With natural production of active collagen, this
therapy will quickly absorb the combat signs of eye-aging with clinically proven active ingredients to
reduce factors such as under-eye dark circles, puffiness and expression lines. With a recent clinical
analysis, it has been found that approx. 95% of users of this patented peptide formula got effective results
in firmer, thicker and younger looking skin around their eyes within few a couple of weeks usages.

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The Ultimate Anti Aging Eye Therapy for Wrinkles, dark circles, under eye bags & crow’s-feet.
• Dramatically eliminates dark circles & under eye puffiness
• Leaves eye zone looking smooth, supple, vibrant & healthy
• Helps firm, strengthen & re-texturize under eye skin
• Reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles & crow’s feet
• Comforts & softens the eye contour area
• Leaves the delicate eye skin feeling moist & smooth in 4 weeks
An effective firming & revitalizing eye therapy cream
Do you want to keep your eyes in prime shape… with a youthful gaze & minimal puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles?
Then you are at the right place… Skinception Eyelasticity Age defying therapy can help you with all these and some other bothersome effects of aging as it contains a series of patented peptides that strengthen and help re- texture the skin around your eyes to give you a youthful glow.
Medical Research has shown Eyelasticity formula to reduce under-eye puffiness by 90%, Improvement in depth of wrinkles by 21%, and lightened dark circles by an impressive 35%.
Any guesses so far… Why Skinception Eyelasticity Age defying therapy sells like hot cakes?

No more puffiness, crows feet, wrinkles or dark circles.

Active Ingredients in Eyelasticity Age defying Therapy Formulation
All the constituents of this formulation have been selected to give you maximum benefits by increasing Collagen and Elastin production that is required to keep the skin firm around the eyes and retain its youthful charm.

Active ingredients include;

Eyeseryl: This patented tetrapeptide works by improving vascular health, strengthening skin around the eyes, helping to reduce fluid accumulation, while protecting against the breakdown of collagen.
It significantly reduces dark circles and puffy eyebags In Just 14 Days of regular use.
Syn-ake: It works by blocking specific receptor sites in your muscle tissue, eliminating the muscle’s ability to contract, making it useful for reducing the formation of expression lines.
Regu-age: This contains purified soy, rice peptides as well as synthetic yeast protein. It is clinically proven to reduce blood clotting underneath the eyes, helping to reduce dark eye circles.
It also improves oxygen supply to tissue, helping to maintain collagen and elastin in the skin, so it stays more firm, elastic, and younger looking.
ProCollONe+: This boosts collagen production using the highly purified glycopeptides from soya.

Delivering Agents like Hydrolite 5 and Symglucan moisturize and increase the uptake of other ingredients included in the formulation. They also increase the moisture by almost 100% within 14 days of use.

Skinception Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy also includes certain soothing agents, like Grape Seed Oil and Aloe Vera that contain high levels of protective antioxidants & Gingko Biloba extracts, Bilberry, Green Tea Leaves and Milk Thistle, all of which have strong anti-inflammatory properties and soften and smoothens skin.
For best results from Skinception Eyelasticity, make sure you apply it twice a day …. And be prepared to experience the thrill and overall improvement in the appearance of your eyes after 4 weeks of use.

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