Kollagen Intensiv™ 6 Month Pack

Kollagen Intensiv™ 6 Month Pack


Rediscover your natural radiance with Kollagen Intensiv- the leading anti-wrinkle cream which has no comparison in the skin care market today. This clinically proven natural formula enhances the ability of your body to stimulate the skin’s renewal process by accelerating the production of collagen. It has shown to visibly reduce wrinkles from the skin by up to 354%.

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Regular use of Anti-wrinkle & daily moisturizer-Kollagen Intensiv, is the most cost effective alternative to expensive collagen treatments that are available in the market. Also there is no need to use different types of creams for day, night, and under-eye care.
Just use this luxurious yet natural anti-aging formula twice a day. Apply it routinely as part of morning and evening cleansing process and you’re all set to show off your vibrant, younger looking skin.
Kollagen Intensiv is one of the most affordable, convenient and effective ways to get radiant skin with visible results. It is a clinically formulated cream that completes your skin rejuvenation process, and makes your skin look supple for the whole day. It provides a complete package of skin renewal, anti-aging and eye care in a single product.
Kollagen Intensiv incorporates a patented peptide formula- Syn-Coll® that accelerates the natural production of collagen in your skin with reduced wrinkles, brightened complexion and soft skin without the undesirable age spots and fine lines.

A complete package of goodness in one jar

Take a serious look at your bathroom cabinet… so far you have been relying on moisturizers, night creams and Paraben-laden anti aging creams.
Kollagen Intensiv brings you the goodness of all these different applications in a single jar…Its regular use twice daily will reduce your wrinkles, make your skin firmer, improve skin tone and texture, increase the moisturisation and simply return your skin to its healthy youthful appearance.
All this is possible because Kollagen Intensiv is Paraben free and is loaded with natural skin friendly ingredients like Shea butter and Retinol.
It also contains potent peptides that are known to increase the production of collagen. This boost in skin collagen production can reverse and reduce the effects of aging like fine lines, deep wrinkles, age spots and more.
If wrinkles are the cause of your worries, Just apply Kollagen Intensiv twice daily, morning and evening. You will see the radiance in your skin return with disappearance of all effects of aging.
Kollagen Intensiv comes with a 90 days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, simply return it and get your money back with our NO RISK money back guarantee.

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