What is Argan oil and how does it benefit us?

If you have ever come across the image of lots of goats munching greedily from a thorny green shrub, what would you think on a normal day? To top it off, when you see them amid a desert where miles of scanty vegetation and more of these trees with loads of goats hanging from the branches make up the landscape, you know you are looking at an Argan tree and the famous Argan oil of Morocco. You must admit animals have a strange sense of wisdom, as wisdom, it is to know the valuable Argan tree and its benefits when we even barely knew them. But man is clever to have learned quickly from the goats. The fruit of the Argan tree produces the famous Argan oil of Morocco and the leaves are one of the most nutritious in the world.

The Argan tree undoubtedly produces incredibly valuable oil whose value is always high ever since different civilizations exchanged goods of value among themselves. Kings were gifted Argan oil, so precious it was. But then, now the whole world can enjoy what very few enjoyed earlier, all thanks to technology!

Name a health problem and you will find the name of Argan oil floating in the air for many of them. Argan oil for stretch marks, Argan oil for beauty, and Argan oil for shinier skin and hair. What makes it so good? What can other than an extremely high level of Vitamin E in the oil? The same oil that makes the goats’ fur shine as it can do to yours.

If the oil is so beneficial, you may as well want to know more about its benefits. Find a list from here to refer to when you want to know how this oil can make your life better.

Before we reach our next segment, you need to understand Argan oil is just not good for your skin and hair but also for maintaining a healthy body and growth.

12 Benefits of Argan oil

Benefits, benefits and benefits, everything of value benefits us in some or the other way. Argan oil is one of them. Find out more about it and learn how you can use it for yourself.

Antioxidant properties 

Tocopherol as Vitamin E is clinically known is a rich anti-oxidant and its properties can damage free radicals running rampant in your body destroying it more than anything. 

Argan oil also contains CoQ10, melatonin, and plant steroids. These too have one essential role in the body and that is to destroy free radicals. An immediate source of anti-oxidants and trust, a rich one can keep you safe apart from gratifying your palette. Yes, Argan oil is the tastiest oil in the world compared to any other oil source.

Anti-inflammatory by nature

An interesting study showed that when mice were fed with Argan oil before their exposure to a fatal toxin, they survived the blow compared to those who were not fed with Argan oil

It boosts heart health

Usually known to be rich reservoirs of monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid, and omega-9-fatty acid, it is a very good source for your cardiac health. In some studies, it was found that Argan oil was a far richer source of antioxidants than even olive oil. The studies done on the oil have shown very promising results and have been one of the best sources discovered so far for cardiac health.

Benefits diabetes patients

When Argan oil was given to a group alongside a highly sugary diet it showed good insulin resistance and fasting blood sugar levels. But there is still a lot that needs to be proved so far in this aspect.

Argan oil is not for face benefits alone but can function as an anti-cancer agent 

Who would think of oil to have an anticancer agent? A study has shown that Argan oil’s polyphenolic compounds had a good impact on prostate cancer. The addition of Argan oil to an extract of breast cancer and colon cancer samples will help increase the cell death rate when paired with Vitamin E.

Is Argan oil good for your face? 

Of course, it is. It is a source that works like an anti-ageing agent. The best Argan oil for the face is the Argan oil of Morocco undoubtedly.

Skin conditions can benefit immensely from the regular use of Argan oil

Argan oil for shinier skin and hair is all accredited to the fact that they work on a few essential elements very well.

Inflammatory conditions have been an age-old treated with Argan oil and although there is no fixed evidence why they were considered for treating even difficult skin conditions, yet, their use cannot be denied. 

Mostly, off late, researchers have concluded it could be due to their anti-inflammatory abilities alongside their high content of antioxidants could be the plausible clause. Although, a good bit of research is still pending in this regard for Argan oil.

Aids in wound Healing

Wound healing is prominently a condition treated no better by anything other than Argan oil can have anti-cancer properties. But researchers are working around it. 

Can act as a moisturizer for your face, skin, and hair. 

Nothing can moisturize your skin more than Argan oil. It is an immensely good source of Vitamin E and works amazingly for the skin. Acne is a growing issue and to treat it, Argan oil can come in handy. Regular massage of Argan oil is good for the face and can make your skin and hair smoother. Heat damage to the skin can be rectified well with Argan oil. If there is heat or cold damaging your skin, regular use of Argan oil can considerably reduce it. In hot conditions, sunburn and extensive UV ray damage can be prevented by regularly using Argan oil. Similarly cold can cause frost bites and also make the skin drier. Argan oil can work wonders even with dry skin due to its high moisturizing effect.

An itchy scalp and Argan oil

It can reduce hair frizz, a perennial problem that can irate women immeasurably when dressing up. With Argan oil, you can have shinier, black hair, and regular use can also work wonders on hair fall.

Argan oil for stretch marks

Research shows regular use of Argan oil can work wonders for the tummy skin of a lactating mother. While it beautifully moisturizes your skin, its high Vitamin E content can remove stretch marks contributing to the elasticity of the tummy skin.

Works wonders on seven signs of aging

It will work wonders on seven signs of aging and those who want to work around their skin for a suppler look can benefit highly from its use. It can work towards reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. They can also repair skin and thereby reduce the seven signs of aging visibly.

Argan oil of Morocco nowadays is a label used by many. Some even mix a wee bit of it with Argan oil from other places and sell it with the tag of Morocco. You need to be an alert buyer when purchasing Argan oil unless you are directly buying it from Morocco.